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Google Search Ads For eCommerce In 2021

Research shows that Google Ads accounts for as much as 20% of all eCommerce revenue.

In my experience with the eCommerce industry, it has been up to 70% on certain seasonal dates like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 20% is more of an average for ordinary days.

Google Ads include a wide range of different types of ads. Display Banners, Call Ads, Video Ads, and Search Ads are among them.

Google Search Ads are a better selection to start your journey with this platform. Users who click on a search ad is because they were searching for something in particular.

If a user searching for “Movie Theater Near Me” then you already know his intentions, or at least you have a better idea than someone who clicked on a display banner.

Keyword Intent

One of the main benefits of doing keyword research before you launch a campaign is that you will understand users better and you can qualify the user’s intent based on the keywords or key terms they select.

Keyword intent is one of the main benefits of SEM or Search Engine Marketing. Without understanding the intent behind user’s searches, even the biggest PPC agencies will almost certainly fail.

However, by leveraging keyword intent marketers can attract more qualified prospects and increase conversion rates.

Search queries with transactional intent usually have the highest cost per click (CPC).

Think about it, a user that is searching for a “beautiful summer” does not necessarily have the same intentions as someone searching for “best sunglasses for summer”.

In our example, the user searching for “beautiful summer” could be searching for an image or just a reference of a sunrise.

While the term “best sunglasses for summer” is someone who may be interested in sunglasses.

Another good example of keyword intent is someone searching for “buy Nike shoes online”.

If the keyword is as specific as that, then the CPC is much higher and competitive.

To improve your search strategy make sure you to identify your keyword intent and create the right ad copy and landing page.

Don’t over complicate things, just give the user what they are searching for without too many steps.

Cost per click can make more sense when you know what is each sale worth for you or what is your cost per acquisition according to Media Growth Gurus, a South Florida PPC Agency.

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